Kael Eun not anasterian??

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Kael Eun not anasterian?? Empty Kael Eun not anasterian??

Post by yesido on Fri Aug 24, 2018 1:01 pm

"you were fine with it till you wokeup" he smirked

Eun blushed badly moving away from Kael. "Dont push it" he said

“let me touch you”he said sitting up his hands running down his back

He shivered a lot, they were sitting in each others arms, he blushed a lot and leaned his head into Kael'Thas as a sign that it was okay.

his hands slide onto his ass squeezing him

He blushed a lot, embarrassed a lot.

his lands slide down the back of his thighs

He shivered clinging to the King, his knees together between the Kings.

he smirked his hands slide to the front

HE blushed a lot leaning into his hands

his hands inched thier way closer to his member

He shivered and whimpered, enjoying Kael's hands over his body

he slide so close but avoided his hands moving to his hips teasing him

HE shivered and moaned blushing.

his hands were feeling upwards on him

He shivered and shook enjoying it "Ahhnn" he moaned letting his head drop back.

”perfect”he said smiling abit

he gasped arching a bit.

he smirked tweaking one leaning down to the other rolling his tongue around it

He gasped a lot moaning (The way they are positioned, he would be sitting on Kaels lap, so Kael would have to reach up.

he smirked looking up at him

he looked so cute his tongue out a little in a pant, his head tipped back.

kael’thas smirked at nibbling his nipple

He arched a little moaning.
he rolled his tongue around loving his moans

His body responded to Kael instantly leaning into hismouth more moaning a lot.

he slid a hand down now rubbing his penis as he fiddled with his sensitive nipples

He moaned blushing his cock at full attention.

he smirked rubbing him his grip firm

"Ah" he was drpping already he leaning his body into Kael'Thas, his legs quivering.

"Wow your really getting into this" he said squeezing harder

"AAh" he moaned a lot shaking weakly,

he started to kiss down now
He blushed a lot, shaking lightly "Hnnnnn"

he made his way to his stomach pulling him up more

He gasped a bit on his knees now.

he went over him kissing his hips

He whimpered as he wasnt all the way over him, it wasnt so bad yet.

he smirked at that his fingers brushed his lips

He gasped lightly, so much ecstacy, he was dripping a lot.

he was surprised he never expected him to so sensitive, he sucked the tip now

He tossedhis head moaning, tears forming in his eyes a bit.

it took him deep now smirking

HE cried out almost unloading in his mouth, he was shaking trying to hold back.

he squeezed his balls now sucking harder

He arched moaning, shaking, he wanted to cum but he was trying to hold back.

he was trying so hard to make him cum

Finally when he sqeezed his balls too hard he let go cumming moaning out so loudly.

he swallowed it all smirking

He was shaking, panting.. he couldnt help but be exhausted.

He went over him now ready to do it

He gasped pushing against Kael'Thas suddenly "No..no" he cried he didnt like feeling trapped.

"Huh what wrong you were fine till now"he said annoyed

"Small space.. trapped" he whimpered, crying a bit trying to get away.

"What?"He said raisIng his brow "your fine"

He pushed Kael with a massive force now sitting up panting. "I cant do this any more" he started to undo his blindfold.

> He smached his hands away right before he got it off

He whimpered a bit blushing sitting up cross legged now, he was shaking from the fear.

> "Why did you freak out" he asked now annoyed

"I..I told you!" he said weak "Im scared of being trapped.." he held himself, still blindfolded.

"How is that being trapped?"He asked

"Its... the same thing to me.''

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Kael Eun not anasterian?? Empty Re: Kael Eun not anasterian??

Post by yesido on Fri Aug 24, 2018 1:04 pm

"Its... the same thing to me.''

He huffed annoyed "I hate people being on top"

He blushed a lot. "Sorry"

He huffed rubbing his hips abit now

He leaned into him and kissed Kael.

Kael was surprised by that"mm"

He pulled back "Then let neither of us be on top" he said wrapping his legs around Kael's waist "Cross your legs beneith me" he said blushing, he knew what he was talking about.

He did what he said not reAlly questioning him

He kissed him now blushing
HE blushed a lot clunging to Kael
> He slipped his tounge into his mouth now
> He moaned a bit letting him, wanting to get right back into his Anasterian fantasy.


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