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Post by yesido on Fri Aug 24, 2018 7:00 pm

Excuse me, Exuse me! I really need to get in to see the Captains, please.. it's important" the Captains were in a meeting, and there was a ruckus outside the door, someone trying to get in to speak to them. The guard would not let them through, finally, Mayuri unable to consentrate and curious about the voice outside said "I dont suppose we could let the brat in.." he stood up going to the door and opened it letting the kid in before gettingt he consent of the others. The kid was about 25-30, he had bright blue and white hair in a long ponytail and wore clothes that spoke of the rukon district and his stance spoke an archer, he was pretty easy to read except for his spiritual pressure, there was his solid and obviously pretty strong, then a number of wisps of pressure all around him that felt nostalgic. He looked nervous coming in, Mayuri sat back down and he stood at the end of the row of seated captains. HE bowed "Thank you for seeing me" his voice wasnt shaking but he was. "3 months ago, Sosuke Aisen took two Captains and fled into Hueco Mundo. Since then countless arrancar, espada and shinigami were killed." He looked down lightly. "I have something to show all of you." He knelt down now sitting on his ankels "I've had this power for a very long time" he said "But I've never understood how to use it until recently.." he put his hands over his bare chest in a cup shape. "When Shinigami or other beings of High Spiritual pressure die.. a small fragment of them is left behind. If I they will it, when they die, they're spirit fragment can be absorbed into a Tengu" he said "As far as I know I am the only Tengu alive.. given this immaculate gift" he looked at the captains, a small glow came from his shaking hands then disappeared, the boy cradled something in his hand a little. "Tengus can reincarnate them for their own use, as tiny beings" he said "This, Sosuke Aisen was the first I have ever created." He moved his hands gently standing in them was a miniature Aisen. He floated up into the air a little "Captains" he bowed lightly and with a snarky smile returned to the Tengu's shoulder. He blushed a little at the Captins stares "They cannot do anything that I do not command, so there is no danger here.." he put his hand to his chest againand set down another tiny "This one has been with me for a long time, and he pleads me to let him see you" It was a very tiny Kaien Shiba. He bowed, eyeing up Juushiro and sat next to Aisen. "They are very limited" he said now "But they are important." he looked at them, aftraid and nervous of what the captians would do.

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